Wunda Chair

  • Flattens & strengthens the abdominals 

  • Enhances stability & flexibility of the spine

  • Reduces pain in lower back

  • Tones & defines the ​arms

  • Tightens the inner thighs and back of  the legs.

  • Helps feet become stronger & more flexible

  • Promotes better balance & posture

  • Develops core, to aid in sport-specific movements such as golf,tennis or running after toddlers

Joseph Pilates developed the Mat first, and it is the fundamental part of  the Pilates system.

In Mat work, you will feel the flow & the strength in your abdominals, and begin to acquire the long, lean toned, body you desire.

However, to get the full benfits of Pilates, you must use the equipment. All of the machines have springs, and you use the weight of your own body to perform various exercises.  Because the exercises are more intense, you see rapid results, and more muscle definition than is possible using the Mat alone.

The springs stretch  & strengthen at the same time, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals much faster and more completely.

Pinnacle Pilates' fully equipped studio houses all forms of mat, machine, and smaller apparatus to ensure you have a full workout, each & every time.

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Pilates in Maplewood


Welcome to Pinnacle Pilates!

Our studio offers a warm, tranquil Pilates experience and is located in Maplewood, NJ. We offer classical pilates instruction, in both private sessions and duets. The studio is fully equipped with designs by Basel, hand-built to Joseph Pilates' original specifications.


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