I have shoulder/back/knee injuries - can I do Pilates?

Yes we know countless modifications for different injures and limitations. 

What are your hours?

They are by appointment only.

I am not flexible and feel uncoordinated - can I still do Pilates?

​Lacking flexibility , coordination, or feeling unfit are great reason to do pilates in the first place.  No one starts something new as anything but a beginner. At ​Pinnacle Pilates, you will find a warm and friendly, and encouraging studio atmosphere. 

Do packages expire? 

All packages have a three month expiration date.

How often should I come? 

We recommend twice a week - it  is ideal to fully immerse the body in the Pilates method and to feel the benefits more effectively. 

What should I wear to pilates?

Please wear comfortable clothing.  Please leave your shoes at the front door.  Pilates is done barefoot, or with socks.  Please do no wear clothing with zippers, buckles, or snap studs.  It will scratch and damage the equipment.  It is best to leave your jewelry at home or take it off before your session.  Finally, please do not apply lotion or sunscreen in advance of your session.  In addition to damaging the equipment, some exercises require you to grab your legs or hands, to press firmly into the mat - lotion can make this very slippery and be dangerous to you.  

How can I pay for my session?

Payment may be made by cash or check and is due at the time of service. While I understand life happens , please attempt to be on time for your session.  Sessions that start late will end on time. Clients assume any and all risks while on the premises.